Ever throw your hands in the air and say, “What’s the use?”. It is one of the most dangerous phrases you can ask.

At its worst, asking this simple question defies instinctual logic and what we personally know to be true. It’s a cynic’s best asset, based on emotion and incredibly reactive to the present moment and can breed a special type of apathy for circumstance.

It is the unrefined little brother of the existentialist’s “What are we doing here?” Continue reading “BE AUTHENTIC”


It started simply. Simply intentionally.

This blog began as a weekly mission statement to myself … and what it is a statement without a BE.

Play along as I share my favorite quotes, books, podcasts, and latest musings. Feel free to tell me yours.

The beauty of intention? It is completely different for each of us. Just like our stories, an intentional life is a very personal one. A ripple begins a wave.

Welcome to the conversation. Join in.







One of my favorite things about yoga is that I’m able to give myself credence. There are just some days, where I’m not in IT. Each pose feels tight, my breathing is labored, I’m giving into my thoughts.

And yet, Yoga teaches us to breathe … and begin again.

We must give ourselves grace for where we are in this moment … and where we are not.

That is completely my life at this time. Continue reading “(BE)GIN A(GAIN)”


Have you ever noticed how many “BE”s there are in this life? Our own expectations … others expectations … the expectations that we think others have of us.

Until I started this blog, I don’t even think I was aware of it. But that’s just it. Awareness brings change.

I’ve been telling myself a lot of things recently, which happens when you live in your head … as I have since I was a kid.

These things have centered on what I’m NOT … instead of what I AM. Continue reading “BE IT”


Nothing in life is as we expect, is it?

We evaluate. We plan. We plot.

We dream. We hope. We believe.

To me, the best part of life are the hopes and dreams that we’ve set out for ourselves. It’s a blueprint of our lives.

I recently came across the Tarzan Method, which fiercely resonated in my core. Continue reading “(BE)LIEVE”


On my travels down under, I heard “Be Well” as a send-off rather than a usual “Take Care” or “Good-bye’.

I feel it couldn’t be more fitting for a birthday entry.

Be well for another year!

We take life for granted, until we are confronted with health, regrets, or well, life  … (name it!). When truly, be well is to live a healthy life – whatever that means for the beholder. Continue reading “BE WELL”


If there is one thing I love, it’s a good party … especially when it comes in the form of a birthday.

So much so, that May is considered Birthday Month in my world.

Birthday month commences with Cinco de Mayo and concludes on May 28th … or shortly thereafter with a small bash of some of my favorite people, laughing and lighting another candle.

One year, mariachis were involved. Another year, a bull riding contest. Better yet, the year of tambourines.

Continue reading “BE FESTIVE”


With twenty kilometers in front of us, we began walking in the darkness of the morning. The morning dew still hangs in the air, the frigid cold thin air is a stark reminder of altitude, the desolate terrain of volcanic ash crunches below us.  As the sun begins to emerge over the mountains, the silhouette of active volcanoes appear around us.

This is how I imagine Mars to look.

Instead, THIS is summer in New Zealand. A stark contrast to the beaches I left at home in Southern California. Continue reading “BE UNCOMFORTABLE”


Have you ever tried to chase a butterfly before?

It’s beautiful and fleeting … and ultimately, frustrating – if you allow it to be. You can spend all day with this butterfly in the most beautiful park and yet, you are transfixed on it’s colorful fluttering wings as it leads you to unknown paths.

You are so mesmerized as it floats on from flower to flower that you are unable to see beyond your own grasp.

I love a good chase. As someone who is constantly on the move, my brain never stops. I’m constantly chasing my next big thought. And there are so many great thoughts. It’s my very own spin zone.

Life. Love. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. We’ve all been there before.

But there comes a time to sit in the stillness and JUST BE. Continue reading “JUST BE”


Last year, I sat in a Hawaiian lagoon with a dear friend, watching a blazing firey sunset as only the Pacific Islands can do.

I asked her, if you could be a force of nature of water, wind, fire … what would you pick?

She smiled and quickly responded, “Water, definitely.” She knew the answer off the bat, as if she’d been waiting for this question all her life. Spoken like a true SoCal kid, I thought.

It resonated with me. I wasn’t even aware of my own answer.

“WHY?!” I questioned. Continue reading “BE GRATEFUL”