Kia Ora!

I can sum up my three-week tour on New Zealand’s North Island with wine, adventure and a rich culture steeped in history and legend.

A few things that I loved most about New Zealand:

  • The Culture: the Māori culture, tradition, language and heritage. The beautiful art of storytelling has stayed with me, long after I left the island.
  • The Unreal Scenery: no picture can encapsulate the magnitude of New Zealand’s untouched beauty. The skies, the water, the mountains … and the air of adventure at every turn.

My friend ‘British Dave’ moved to New Zealand’s North Island over a year ago and was my own personal tour guide through the roads of New Zealand.  Dave and I met in England a few years ago and have remained friends through sheer times of debauchery, touristing and passionate discussions of world politics, philosophy and human behavior. All the best things in a friendship.

It’s the kind of dynamic that makes for a perfect road trip mate. Continue reading “NEW ZEALAND: THE NORTH ISLAND”


It didn’t take long after landing in Auckland to find myself on Waiheke, the Island of Wine, the first stop on my tour of New Zealand’s north island.

This beautiful island had me at wine, but as it turns out it is so much more to offer.  A short ferry ride from Auckland’s Half Moon Bay, it’s a can’t miss for wine lovers, beach goers and adventurers. Lonely Planet just named Waiheke as one of the top ten island destinations in the world. And it does not disappoint.

My adventuring road trip pal British Dave and I spent a week exploring through coastal hikes, beautiful beaches, numerous wineries,  and small beach villages. Continue reading “WELCOME TO WAIHEKE: THE ISLAND OF WINE”